Our Mission

The mission of Arts! Ashland Alliance, Inc is to operate and manage a community oriented organization in Ashland, Massachusetts to support access to diverse expressions of arts and cultural programming, promote arts education and to cultivate the economic vitality of the community. The resources of Arts! Ashland Alliance, Inc. shall be used to benefit Ashland through these charitable and educational purposes including grant and scholarship programs to underwrite performances, public art works, cultural events, exhibitions and education:

1) Support and promote arts and cultural programming to meet the diverse needs of Ashland residents

2) Cultivate and support Ashland’s cultural economy and promote Downtown as a cultural & business destination

3) Support and promote art education for the benefit of all Ashland residents

4) Support a grant and scholarship program to underwrite performances, public art projects, cultural events, exhibitions and education

5) Work with other nonprofit arts organization in a regional approach to support, promote and provide art and cultural programming




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